Launcheroid is a Dashboard widget for Mac OS X 10.4 or later. Launcheroid is a simple and palette-styled file launcher. You can increase the number of cells to 10 X 10 max. To add an item, drag and drop it onto the cells. To remove, select "Clear" from the contextual menu.


zip (52KB) [2011/05/11]


  • You cannot move items into the registered folder.
  • Only application bundles having the extension ".app" can accept drop.
  • Cell highlight during drag doesn't indicate whether the application can open the dragged item or not.

Popup window mode

pushdown statepopup state

Launcheroid transforms into a popup window mode when you begin to drag Launcheroid with an edge then drop on the same side in the screen. It resembles the classic Mac OS 8.5 popup window mode with Dashboard developer mode.

Version history

  • 0.9.17 [2011/05/11] English version released.


Launcheroid prefers a CSS file located at ~/Library/Preferences/ to allow users to customize Launcheroid's presentation.
e.g. CSS file to make the background translucent in the popup window mode
* click with option key to download

Older versions

zip (68KB) [2009/07/14]