Safari Blocklist

Safari Blocklist is a Safari Extension which filters out certain sites shown in Google search result pages by the sites' URL with arbitrary strings. It is just an inferior alternative for Google Chrome's Personal Blocklist.

Version 0.3 now works on Bing.


Requires Apple Safari 5.0.1 or later. Developed and tested on Mac OS X 10.6.8 and Safari 5.1. Supposed to work on OS X Lion 10.7.


Version Date Description File
0.3 Mar 3, 2012 supported. (8 KB)


Double-click Safari Blocklist.safariextz. It is installed in ~/Library/Safari/Extensions/.


  1. Put the Blocklist button from the sheet shown by Safari's "View" > "Customize Toolbar..." menu item.
  2. Click the Blocklist button to open the Safari Blocklist Preferences.
  3. Enter domains or keywords to filter for each line in the "Blocklist: " textarea.
  4. Click the "Update" button to save the Blocklist text.

Safari Blocklist Preferences

Now the sites whose URL contains the Blocklist text disappear in Google search results. Please turn off Google Instant Search.


Safari Blocklist just changes the presentation of search results in a browser level. It has no capability to improve Google's search results unfortunately.

Safari Blocklist attaches the class name "g_filtered" to search results matching the Blocklist text then make them hidden with CSS. You can customize the presentation with Safari's user stylesheet. For example, to collapse the blanks of the hidden sites:

    display: none;

Or to display them translucently:

    visibility: visible !important;
    opacity: 0.25;

On the contrary, you would be able to emphasize filtered sites.

Safari Blocklist can filter out sites by their whole URL with arbitrary strings while Google's Personal Blocklist deals them by only domains.


Click the Uninstall button on the Extensions pane in Safari Preferences. And delete the ~/Library/Safari/LocalStorage/safari-extension_jp.diairetis.safariblocklist-4x52fs8ej3_0.localstorage file.

Version History

Version Date Description File
0.2.1 Jul 31, 2011 Https supported. (8 KB)
0.2 Jul 27, 2011 Safari 5.1 supported. All 184 Google's country domain supported. (8 KB)
0.1 Jun 19, 2011 Initial release. (8 KB)