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Write Kanji!

UbiStroke is the "Writing Entertainment". UbiStroke allows you to enjoy writing Japanese Kanji anytime, anywhere.

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UbiStroke screen	shotUbiStroke screen	shotUbiStroke screen	shot

You can write and trace Japanese Kanji on the touch screen.

You can also learn 1006 Kanji meanings and all Kana in "for non-Japanese" section.

UbiStroke does not contain stroke order, scoring how well you wrote and handwriting recognition.

UbiStroke has no handwriting recognition, but iPhone Traditional Chinese (or Simplified Chinese) input method is usable like handwriting recognition on the UbiStroke search feature. Please note that Japanese Kanji as the same figure as Chinese Hanzi only appear on it. I REALLY hope Apple supports Japanese handwriting recognition in future iPhone OS.

Have fun!


Available on iOS 3.0 or later. Tested with iPhone 3G/iOS 4.2 and iPad(iPhone mode)/iOS 5.0.


Trace Mode

Writing or tracing mode over an example.

Regular use (1945 kanji)
The Kanji set designated by Japan Agency for Cultural Affairs intended to regular use. As known as "Jouyou Kanji".
Person's name (985 Kanji)
Additional Kanji set allowed to use for person's name legally.
Place names (45 Kanji)
Japanese place names having a Kanji out of the Regular use and the Person's name.
JIS level-1 kanji set (2965 Kanji)
The Kanji set defined by Japan Industrial Standards.
JIS level-2 kanji set (3390 Kanji)
The Kanji set defined by Japan Industrial Standards. Rarely needed even by Japanese.
Fundamentals (divided by grade)
Same as Fundamentals in for non-Japanese section.

Quiz Mode

Writing mode without an example.

Common use (939 Kanji)
Quizzes with the Regular use except for the Fundamentals.
Mixed use (288 Kanji)
Quizzes with Kanji rarely used even by Japanese.

for non-Japanese

for English speakers.

Fundamentals (1006 Kanji)
The Kanji set learned in elementary school in Japan. Contains English meanings. This might be usable like a Kanji - English dictionary.
Hiragana (71 letters)
Japanese syllabic characters "Hiragana".
Katakana (71 letters)
Japanese syllabic characters "Katakana".

Gallery View

Gallery View

Kanji you wrote are thumbnailed and exhibited in the Gallery View.

Version History

Version Date Description
1.1.5 Oct 27, 2011 iOS 5 supported. And minor improvements.
1.1 May 10, 2010 Search feature added. And other improvement.
1.0 Jun 24, 2009 Released.